Snowflake is affordable...until it’s not

The adoption cost of Snowflake is low. This is what attracts small and large businesses to its platform. But there’s a caveat:

The more data you own, the higher the credits you use. And if your database is operating inefficiently, then you’ll pay more than you should have to.

Easy to use, challenging to optimize

What makes Snowflake attractive is its ease of use. It’s designed to be simple for anyone to operate. This makes adoption seamless for your teams. But unless they’re a group of advanced database engineers, you’re bound to run into optimization issues.

For example, poorly written queries, sub-optimal schemas, and inefficient data ingestion patterns all play a role in slowing down your data warehouse.


The high cost of poor optimization

Allowing poor performance to endure creates an ongoing (and ever-growing) problem. Most overlook solving performance issues and instead scale up/down their cloud warehouses.

And while this may offer short-term relief, it isn’t sustainable long-term. You’re charged based on your warehouse size and how long you keep it running.

So as your database usage grows (and they will, thanks to the prevalence of big data and Snowflake’s ease of use), so will your compute costs. In other words, every second your warehouse is running, your Snowflake bill increases. Based on this pricing model, optimizing query performance alone isn’t enough to reduce your overall computing costs.

Resolve poor performance (and growing costs) with automated optimization

Yes, there’s a way to make your cost and performance problems go away without any manual labor required on your end. No need to rewrite your queries, change a single line of code in your application, or migrate your platform.

This is possible using automated optimizations, which, unlike manual optimizations, are fast, scalable, and seamless.


Automated warehouse optimization is for you if you want to avoid:


Wasting money by overprovisioning compute resources or running inefficient queries


Repeating optimization drills over and over — what works today may not work next month as databases evolve


Spending countless hours playing with various knobs and different performance tradeoffs


Constantly monitoring your queries and schema changes


Risking human errors caused by manual optimizations


Implementing company-wide query or schema optimizations

Automated optimization is much more effective for large workloads.

With the right tool, you can rigorously analyze and tune different knobs across hundreds of thousands of queries, while guaranteeing optimal performance at the lowest cost possible.

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