How Data Learning Is Transforming Data Engineering

Free Data Engineers From Manual Tasks 

Free your team from tedious, manual work that impedes innovation. You can delegate performance problems to Keebo’s automated data learning, and let your team focus on data correctness and creation of business value.
  • Automated Performance Optimization

Deliver Data Products In Hours Rather Than Weeks

From data modeling to transformations and reporting, data teams spend tremendous time provisioning for performance bottlenecks. Keebo reduces the engineering overhead for creating and operating highly scalable enterprise data solutions. With Keebo,  you can deliver stakeholder requirements quicker, rather than worrying about performance optimizations or rising compute costs.
  • Faster Delivery of Data Products

100x Faster Queries

Regardless of your data size, BI tool, or data warehouse, Keebo ensures your dashboards will be queried, rendered, and displayed in seconds. Instead of spending hours on manual query optimization and schema tuning, rely on Keebo's automated data learning to run your slow queries in 2 seconds or less.
  • Live dashboards on up-to-date data in 2 seconds

Keep Your Existing BI and Database

Already invested in a BI stack and a data warehouse/lake technology? Great, Keebo’s Data Learning technology works with all BI tools and database technologies, which means you get to keep your favorite tools! No migration needed. Whatever stack you are using will be significantly faster and cheaper with Keebo than without Keebo.
  • Platform-independent

Zero Code, 1-Line Integration

Keebo is a drop-in solution, which means you don’t need to make any changes to your existing queries or data warehouse. All you need is to change the hostname of your database connection to point to Keebo. The rest is all done with Keebo’s automated Data Learning technology. You can keep the same BI and data stack, and enjoy a fully-automated query acceleration!
  • No code, drop-in solution

Up to 70% Savings On Compute

With Keebo, your queries take seconds rather than minutes, which means significantly lower load on your data warehouse. Downsize your cluster size, reduce your cloud data warehouse bill, and at the same time increase your query performance. 

1 hour setup, ROI in 7 days or less

Only an hour to connect your dashboards and see up to 100x faster speeds in 7 days or less.


Fully automated and optimized

Keebo is fully automated, which means your team will never have to worry about performance optimizations.


Keep your favorite BI & Database

No migration, no changes to your dashboards, no changes to your data sources or underlying 


100% Secure

Keebo runs behind your firewall within your own environment, with all communications to and from your database encrypted and all data remaining in your own database.

Faster queries, less manual work, and happier users in 7 days. Guaranteed.

Let us prove it. Try Keebo free for 30 days.